Operational Information

  • Regulations require two staff members to be on premises at all times supervising the children with a ratio of 1 educator to 11 children. When required a lunch time reliever will be on the premises.

  • It essential that you sign your child in and out of each and every session at kindergarten and you must print your full name not just sign Mum or Dad. Only authorised people (who you have listed on the enrolment form and are 18 years of age or above) can collect your child. You must verbally inform staff when someone other than yourself or the usual authorised person that collects your child is going to be collecting your child (this person must be authorised on the enrolment form). Any unauthorised persons can be added to the enrolment record to become authorised but this must be done by you prior to them collecting the child.

    We also ask that you keep the gate closed at all times in the drop off pick up area and that you ensure you are respectful of the MCH centre across the way. Please ensure children do not knock on the door of the kindergarten as this can be very distracting. If you need to collect your child early please inform staff at the start of the session.

  • While it is understood that on the rare occasion you may be a few minutes late to pick up your child it is essential that you contact the kindergarten to inform the teachers if you are running late. If you are more than 15 minutes you will be late you may be charged as per the discretion of the OPK committee. If you are late on repeated occasion without extenuating circumstances your child’s enrolment at the centre may be jeopardised. Please note that if you are running late regulations prevent staff staying on premises for more than 30 minutes following a session with your child. In these circumstances regulatory authorities must be contacted.

  • It is essential that all children wash their hands as soon as they arrive at the kindergarten to reduce allergens being brought into the kindergarten as well as a matter of good hygiene practices. Parent helpers and siblings will also need to do this if staying for the session. We thank you for your cooperation.

  • While the centre has a supply of sunscreen for you to use staff encourage you to apply sunscreen on children before the session. If you require to use the sunscreen please ask staff who will direct you where it can be found. Children will be encouraged to apply their own sunscreen during sessions.

  • While we are happy to celebrate birthdays at OPK it is essential that no food be brought for children’s celebrations to ensure our kindergarten friends with allergies are not put at risk. Stickers, bubbles and little toys are suggested alternatives. We also have a supply of stickers at OPK in case you are unable to supply anything.

  • There are uniforms available for purchase via order forms available at the kinder. Uniforms will also be available at specific times throughout the year. To order please contact the OPK Treasurer.

  • At OPK we do not have working bees and instead have a gardener to tend to all of the garden maintenance. There are still some odd jobs such as fixing chairs, painting walls etc. we made need help with so if you are willing to lend a hand at any stage please see your class teacher.

  • The kindergarten is an Incorporated Association and the rules governing the Association are set out in the Constitution (copies are held in the office).   A voluntary Committee of Management is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.  All parents are eligible to vote and to stand for election.

    The committee is responsible for the management of the kindergarten and undertakes this in close consultation with the Director.  Specific responsibilities include: development of policies, managing the finances, employment of staff, liaison with government departments and Bayside City Council, and ensuring that the kindergarten is operated in accordance with government legislation, policy and best practice.

    The committee meets monthly. It consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary and up to 8 other members.  There are specific roles and responsibilities of the formal office bearers and of other support functions.

    Participation in this way represents a wonderful opportunity to develop and maintain positive relationships with the teachers, the children and the community itself, and to influence the direction the kindergarten takes over time.

  • If you need to speak with anyone regarding a grievance or complaint please see your class teacher in the first instance. You may also speak with the Director or President.

  • Each term the children are involved in practice emergency evacuation procedures. Usually during term 3 we also practice an offsite evacuation in which parental permission is given to participate. Records of these are displayed inside in the OPK foyer.

    In case of an real emergency our process of operation is to evacuate the children to designated points (if you wish to see these they are located in the foyer of OPK and in our emergency management plan) and you will be contacted by the President or class representative.