Child’s Time at Kindergarten

  • Please ensure your child comes to OPK with a kindergarten bag and ensure it is large enough to carry all items easily. Always include a hat, a snack, a water bottle and have a spare change of clothes including undies and socks even if they do not have toilet accidents. Please ensure everything is labelled.

  • It is essential your child is dressed appropriately for kindergarten and we suggest you send them in clothes that are comfortable and able to get messy. Footwear must be enclosed and no thongs, crocs or ugg boots can be worn. It is essential that a spare change of clothes, a hat and coat be available in your child’s kindergarten bag at all times.

  • During your child’s session there will be at least two mat/group times, a snack, story, indoor and outdoor play. The structure of the session varies, based on the needs of each group on the day.

  • There are several ways your child’s teachers will communicate with you on the progress of your child. This includes informal chats, at least one designated parent teacher meeting during the year, email,  portfolios, newsletters, reflective journals, photos on display, as well as various other uses of technology and print.

  • As part of the program, the staff at OPK offer periods of down time or rest and quiet activity to the children. This may include quiet drawing, reading or listening to soft music. As part of the long day for 4 year olds we offer a designated rest period particularly in the first 2 terms of kindergarten. During this time children will lay down on bedding supplied by you (mats by OPK) and be encouraged to lie quietly. On occasion children will fall asleep and we will not interrupt this. For those who do not sleep they will be offered stories to read quietly toward the end of the rest time.

  • The best way is to email your child’s teacher or speak with your child’s teacher to arrange a time suitable. Please remember that all staff are employed on a part time basis therefore are not available every day.

  • Your child will be comforted with reassurance and cuddles and be redirected with fun activities to help settle. If your child continues to be distressed you will be called and asked to come and settle your child.

  • You are always more than welcome to stay with your child until they are ready for you to leave them. All staff have a great deal of experience with children with separation anxiety and helping all children settle well into each session. If you leave your child and they are upset staff will always comfort and care for your child in a compassionate and caring manner which may include hugs, jokes and redirection.

  • We understand that from time to time children will have accidents and we will give them plenty of opportunities throughout each session to use the toilet as part of the kinder routine. In case of accidents it is expected that all children (even if they never or rarely have accidents) have a change of clothes in their kindergarten bag. If this is for some reason forgotten we have a limited supply of spare clothes at kindergarten for children. It is expected that these be taken home, washed and returned to the kindergarten as soon as is practicable. There are no nappy changing facilities at OPK and for this reason children are strongly encouraged to be toilet trained before coming to kindergarten.

  • At OPK the development of positive and respectful relationships with each child is paramount and each child is supported to learn and develop in a secure and empowering environment.  At OPK we encourage positive interactions by role modelling and praising, involving children and recognising ways of treating others as we would like to be treated.

    Please speak further about this with your child’s teacher if you would like to see the policy or would like to know more.

  • It is preferred that children’s own personal items are NOT brought into the kindergarten, other than those used for comforting. This will avoid possible damage or loss, for which OPK cannot take responsibility. Children will have opportunity for ‘show and tell’ at designated times as advised by the teacher throughout  the year.

  • Three year old and four year old group – your child will be asked to bring their own fruit snack for snack time in a suitable named container. It is essential only fruit or vegetables be brought as part of this snack.

  • During the long day for 4 year olds it is expected you will supply your child with a nutritious lunch and fruit/vegetable snack only for snack time. Food containing NUTS, EGGS or SESAME SEEDS must not come into the kindergarten. If brought into the kindergarten it will be removed to reduce the risk of exposure to allergens for children at risk of anaphylaxis.

    Recommended lunchbox inclusions aside from a sandwich might be strawberries, apple, bananas, pears, box of sultanas, cucumber, capsicum, carrots, yoghurt, cheese sticks, crackers or popcorn.

    Suggested sandwich fillings would include vegemite, salad or cheese. If you are unsure about any foods please speak with your class teacher before including it in your child’s lunch. Please also be mindful that we do not have the facilities to refrigerate or heat your children’s food. A water bottle with fresh water should also be supplied. All storage containers, water bottles and lunch boxes must be clearly named.

    Please ensure all food is stored appropriately. Please see Food Safety guidelines available on the Olive Phillips Kindergarten website.

  • While we appreciate all donations it is essential that you do not donate any food/drink containers or food boxes. This is to ensure your children are not exposed to any potential allergens. Toilet rolls are also to be avoided for hygiene purposes.