• Please ring the kindergarten at least 15 minutes prior to the session starting and either talk to someone or leave a message on the answering machine. Please do not send your child to kindergarten if they are sick, have a fever or coloured mucus coming from their nose. It is essential to keep them home for at least 48 hours from the last episode if they have been vomiting or have had diarrhea. There is a list of exclusions of illness that you should have received in your enrolment pack. It is also under Useful Links on our website.

  • All staff are level 2 first aid qualified, CPR, anaphylaxis, Epi pen and asthma trained which is current from the beginning of each kindergarten year.

  • OPK takes medical issues very seriously and requires that all children diagnosed or at risk with any medical condition to have a medical action plan signed by their GP before they start their kindergarten year. The pro forma is provided in the enrolment pack and must be filled out and returned signed before enrolment becomes valid. This will be displayed in the kindergarten area are and will also be placed at the front of the child’s enrolment record. We also require that the child’s own medication be kept on premises named and placed in a clip lock bag with a photo, a photocopy of the action plan and the child’s name on the bag. This will be stored in a secure place at kindergarten. These must be updated annually and medication must be updated before it expires.

  • If your child needs medication while at kindergarten it is required that you fill out the medication book. We cannot administer medication if this is not done. When medication is administered two staff will check and co-sign to ensure utmost accuracy. We can only administer the prescribed amount on the medication provided and will only administer medication for children with life threatening medical conditions of Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy or Diabetes. Medications other than these such as Panadol and antibiotics will be required to be administered by parents of the child.
  • You will be contacted immediately if your child needs medical attention and if you are unavailable the staff will up hold their duty of care and authorise any emergency medical attention at full cost to you. You will be asked to sign consent for this to occur. If your child has a minor incident such as bumping their leg with a bruise an incident report will be filled in by staff and you will be asked to read and sign this. All head injuries will require staff to contact parent/guardians immediately. Please note if your child comes to kindergarten with an injury you will be asked to fill in an injury on intake form noting the pre-existing injury.