To foster innovation, reflective practice and be driven by decisions made based upon current, valid educational research in pursuit of being a best practise kindergarten.

Quality Facilities

To provide high quality facilities which enable the creation of stimulating learning environments for all children and their families.

Environmental Sustainability

To support and develop progressive environmental practices that are at the forefront of sustainability.



For children and families to feel safe, welcome, included, valued and respected while at the kindergarten.

National Framework

To operate at national quality standard across all areas of the National framework.

Professional Development of Staff

To provide highly skilled, educated staff who are committed to ongoing professional development.


To provide challenging, diverse, stimulating, morally respectful and collaboratively developed programs and educational opportunities for children and their families.

Community Involvement

To involve children and families in building collaborative partnerships within the kindergarten and the wider community.

Respect for Individuality

To recognise children as individuals who along with their families have their own set of values, skills, attributes and strengths which are celebrated and nurtured.